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Aga Khan Mausoleum

Aga Khan Mausoleum  forty-eighth Imam (or leader) of the Ismaili sect of lslam, is another landmark of Aswan.         Aga Khan Mausoleum ,is not an historical monument, but it has gained considerable popular cultural appeal. The late Aga Khan (who claimed direct descent from Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad), used Continue Reading...


Daraw Just to the south of`Kom Ombo is Daraw, the site ofa Tuesday camel market, The animals are brought in caravans all the way from Sudan along the Darb al-Arbain (‘f`orty-day road’)_ Mer- chants from Cairo send representatives to make purchases for the larger camel market in the Cairo suburb of lmbaba, where they are sold Continue Reading...
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