Cheap Nile cruise

Cheap Nile Cruise 

first of all Cheap Nile cruise Itineraries and excursions may alter beyond our control,Delays can be experienced,  in addition particularly at locks and this may lead to the last minute cancellation of excursions or overnight cruising, Due to the number of boats on the Nile several may dock together (side by side) which may obscure the view from your cabin.

Cheap Nile cruise

Cheap Nile cruise

Getting on and off boats Cheap Nile cruise

Getting on and off boats may mean walking through/across boats docked adjacent to your own (levels may vary), Care should be taken on gangplanks and any uneven surfaces.

 Cheap Nile Cruise :

We offers optional evening activities that take place in the bar.

These include belly dance shows, bingo night,cocktail party, Egyptian party.

also Please note that for those of you who prefer an early night, the evening entertainment ends at 11pm so you should not be inconvenienced by the noise.

Cheap Nile cruise credit cards in addition  We accept all major credit cards on board.There is a 24 hour reception to help you.

We cover any needs you may have, including arranging tours and morning wake up calls.

Other facilities provided are a swimming pool, table tennis, laundry service, internet/fax/ international phone lines, jewellery and gift shops, massage, 24 hour reception and room service.

Cheap Nile Cruise :

furthermore Each boat features a 5 star restaurant,serving a buffet breakfast,lunch and a dinner “a-la-crate”, all of which cater for vegetarians.

The on board chef can also arrange for in addition any special dietary requirements.

finally Rest assured our kitchen and its’ staff are compliant with the strictest health and safety standards.

Cheap Nile cruise

Cheap Nile cruise

Cheap Nile Cruises

Cruises Are Sorted By Alphabetical Order

Cheap Nile cruise Group A

M/S African Queen Nile Cruise.
M/S Ahmos Nile Cruise.
M/S Aida III Nile Cruise.
M/S Akhnaton Nile Cruise.
M/S Ambassador II Nile Cruise.
M/S Arabella Nile Cruise.
M/S Atlas Nile Cruise.
M/S Carmen Nile Cruise.
M/S Cinderella Nile Cruise.
M/S Cleopatra Nile Cruise.
M/S Coral I Nile Cruise.
M/S Doma III Nile Cruise.
M/S Egyptian Princess Nile Cruise
M/S El Tarek Nile Cruise.
M/S Evergreen Nile Cruise.
M/S Flash II Nile Cruise.
M/S Gondola Nile Cruise.
M/S Hapi I Nile Cruise.
M/S Hapi II Nile Cruise.
M/S Hatshepsut Nile Cruise.
M/S Horizon Nile Cruise.
M/S Horus Nile Cruise.

Cheap Nile cruise Group B

M/S King Mina Nile Cruise.

M/S King Tut Fleet Nile Cruise.
M/S La Reine Du Nil Nile Cruise.
M/S Luxor Nile Cruise.
M/S Melodie Nile Cruise.
M/S Monalisa Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Ark Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Citadelle Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Dream Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Elegant Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Hadir Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Majesty II Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Pearl Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Saray Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Smile Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Sovereign Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Splendor Nile Cruise.
M/S Nile Star Nile Cruise.
M/S Ninfea Due Club Nile Cruise.
M/S Ninfea I Nile Cruise.
M/S Oonas II Nile Cruise.
M/S Pensee Nile Cruise.
M/S Prince De La Vie Nile Cruise.
M/S Princess Eman Nile Cruise.
M/S Queen Nefer Nile Cruise.
M/S Ramses Of Egypt I Nile Cruise.
M/S Reve Du Nil Nile Cruise.
M/S River Pioneers I Nile Cruise.
M/S Rosa Bianca Nile Cruise.
M/S Rose of Nile Nile Cruise.
M/S Rosetta Nile Cruise.
M/S Royal Boat Nile Cruise.
M/S Savoy Nile Cruise.
M/S Seti Club Nile Cruise. 4Cruise Official Rating 

                        Number of Cruises Displayed: 66 Cruise

Cheap Nile cruise Group c

M/S Silver Moon Nile Cruise.
M/S Sindbad Nile Cruise.
M/S Sun Boat I Nile Cruise.
M/S Telestar I Nile Cruise.
M/S Telestar II Nile Cruise.
M/S Userhat Nile Cruise.
M/S Verdi Nile Cruise.
M/S Viking II Nile Cruise.
M/S Viking III Nile Cruise.

Number of Cruises Displayed: 66 Cruise











Egypt Cheap Nile Cruises will Reduce your holiday cost choose from 5 stars and 4 stars Nile Cruises visit Luxor,Aswan,Abu simbel with our full board boats.

Cheap Nile cruise  Detailed itinerary

  • Explore the Great Pyramids and Temples with NileCruised Tours.
    Experience the kiss of the Egyptian sun on your cheeks as you sail the Nile on a luxurious river cruise to your next destination.
    also Excite your taste buds with the flavors and spices that have made Egypt famous around the world.

 Day 1

Fly overnight from Canada to Cairo, Egypt.

Day 2

Join your tour director for a ‘meet and greet’ on your arrival into Cairo Airport, then transfer with us to your hotel to rest up for the night, Fairmont Helipolis.

 Day 3

We leave Cairo this morning for a short flight to Luxor, then transfer to Sonesta St. George Hotel

for a short rest.

  • Later we proceed to visit the Karnak Temple, the main place of worship during the eighteenth dynasty and the second largest ancient religious site in the world.
  • After this, in addition we head back to the hotel for our Welcome
    Dinner. (B,D)
  • Day 4 This morning and afternoon is free time or opt to take our Optional Hot Air Balloon ride over the West Banks of Luxor.
  • Tonight we get a chance to view the Temple of Luxor, illuminated at night; one of the most well-known images that has come out of Egypt.
    You can also take another Optional to view the Sound & Light show atKarnak Temple.
  • (B)
    Day 5 Today we leave our hotel and travel by bus to the West Bank to the Valley of Kings and Queens, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahari and the Colossi Memnon.
  • also You may like to take an Optional Horse Carriage ride through Luxor to view all the lit up monuments before heading to the East Bank to board the deluxe Nile Cruise Ship M/S Sonesta St. George I for the next seven nights.
  • (B,L,D)
  • Cheap Nile cruise

    Cheap Nile cruise

    Day 6 Today we visit the Luxor Museum, home of near perfect artifacts, with treasures obtained from the tomb of Tutankhamun, royal mummies of two pharaohs and much more.

  • Later we return to the ship for lunch and free time, and in the evening join your fellow travellers
    for a Captain’s Welcome Cocktail.
  • (B,L,D)

    Day 7 This morning we visit the Temple of Edfu, one of the best preserved temples in

    Egypt, built to honor the falcon god Horus.

  • This afternoon is yours to enjoy; have an afternoon tea or look out at the beautiful scenery the
    Nile has to offer.
  • also Tonight enjoy an authentic Egyptian Galabeya Party.
  • (B,L,D)
    Day 8 After we enjoy our breakfast on board, we head to the High Dam to learn about the massive impact it has with Egypt’s economy.We’ll then tour the Unfinished Obelisk in the stone quarries and the Temple of Philae, which is situated on an island in the reservoir of the Aswan Low Dam.
  • Next we sail the Nile on a traditional Felucca, seems like an Egyptian sail boat, and stop to visit the Aswan Botanical Gardens.
  • Later, you’ll have the option of visiting an authentic Nubian Village
    & Animalia before returning to the ship for dinner and a disco in the evening.
  • (B,L,D)
    Egypt with Cheap Nile cruise 2016
    February 25th – March 12th, 2016
    International and domestic flights / Welcome Dinner / Karnak Temple / Luxor Temple
    Luxor’s West Bank / 7 night Nile Cruise aboard Sonesta St. George I / Horus Temple
    High Dam / The unfinished Obelisk / Temple of Philae / Sail on the Nile by felucca (Egyptian sailboat)
    Aswan’s Botanical Gardens / Temple of Kom Ombo / Temple of Hathor / Citadel of Salah el Din
    Mosque of Mohammed Ali / Old Coptic Cairo / Egyptian Museum / Themed Moroccan dinner
    Private visit to the Great Pyramid Cheops / Memphis and Sakkara / Farewell dinner Khan El Khalili restaurant
    Ell Moez li Din Allah Street and the Khan El Khalili old Bazaars


Day 9 Free day today to spend at your leisure.

  • Tonight enjoy a traditional Nubian Show on board the ship.
  • You also have the option of experiencing an Egyptian Sunset High Tea on the terrace of the Old Cataract.
  • (B,L,D
    Day 10 Our day starts with a visit the Temple of Kom Ombo shared by Sobek, the crocodile god and Haroeris, the falcon god.Then back on the ship to continue our journey on the Nile, passing Edfu and Esna on the way.
  • also Tonight we dress up for another fun Egyptian Galabeya Party.
  • (B,L,D)
    Day 11 Today we visit the Dendera Temple Complex, home of the Hathor Temple.
  • In the afternoon we head back to the ship for an afternoon tea.
  • Tonight’s entertainment is a disco andmusic. (B,L,DDay 12 Today we say goodbye to our ship and take a short flight from Luxor to We will then head out to visit the Citadel of Salah el Din including the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.

    Next we visit the Old Coptic Cairo,

  • a stronghold for Christianity in Egypt until the Islamic Era.
  • We will also be visiting the Hanging Church and Abu Serga Church which dates back to the 4th century. (B) Fairmont Niles
    TowersDay 13 This morning we visit Cairo’s famous Egyptian Museum, home to over 120,000 artifacts of ancient Egypt, and the famed Mummies Room, with its display of royal mummies from the Empire Age. Tonight we will enjoy a themed Moroccan dinner at the fabulous La Palmeraie which overlooks the Nile River)Day 14 This morning, we enjoy a private tour to the Great Pyramids with a chance to explore inside the Great Pyramid Cheops, otherwise known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. We will thencontinue on to visit Memphis, the ruins of the ancient capital of Egypt,
    and Sakkara, a vast ancient burial ground. (B)Day 15 Today is a full day of leisure or you may like to take an optional tour of the ancient city of Alexandria and learn about its rich history.
  • also Join us tonight for our Farewell Dinner at the Khan El Khalili restaurant, famous for great food and stunning views of the Great Pyramids. (B,D)Day 16 This morning we head to El Moez Li Din Allah Street and visit Khan El Khalili’s famous The rest of your day is yours to spend at leisure, so be sure to make the most of your last day in Egypt before heading back to the hotel to prepare for your flight We suggest you use this time to do your packing and get some rest.
  • You may stay in your room until we depart for the airport to make our way to Cairo Airport for our flights home. (B)

    Day 17

    Arrive back home.
    Double: $4,765 Single: $6,060
    Regina & Saskatoon add $100 per person
    Winnipeg add $330 per person


    Not included in price are taxes or fees of $635 per person and Visa fees

    so payable in Egypt of US $25.
    Vancouver – Calgary – Edmonton
    Mediterranean Sea
    Kom Ombo
    of Giza
    Nile RiverValley Karnak
    of the
    Short Flight
    Arrival flight to Cairo
    Fly from Cairo to Luxor
    Nile Cruise from Luxor
    to Philae
    Nile Cruise from Philae
    to Luxor
    Fly from Luxor to Cairo
    Departure flight from Cairo

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