Dahab has a long history of luring travellers – and trapping them for days or weeks on end – with its cheap ocean-side camps, golden beaches and rugged mountain backdrop.

In recent years Dahab has expanded beyond its humble origins, and now boasts a smooth fusion of hippie mellowness and resort chic.

The banana pancakes, moonlight spliffs and hardcore backpackers still remain, though they now coexist with upscale restaurants, boutique hotels and holidaying European families.

However, while the vast majority of Sinai is being packaged and sold for mainstream consumption, Dahab is a place where individual travelers are still the rule rather than the exception.

Advertisement Meaning gold in Arabic, a reference to the area’s sandy coastline, Dahab also boasts some of Egypt’s most spectacular diving and trekking.



A short walk, jeep ride or even camel trek will bring you to some of the Red Sea’s most memorable dive sites, and a boat can bring you within easy striking distance of the world-class reefs in nearby Ras Mohammad National Park.

Predominantly a Bedouin enclave at its heart, Dahab is also the preferred base for organising guided excursions into the interior deserts, as well as to the lofty heights of nearby Mt Sinai. Dahab remains one of the more authentic tourist towns in Egypt.

True, a paved boardwalk now lines the beachfront area of Assalah, and the hard sell for pricey dinners by pushy restaurateurs can test your nerves.

However, Dahab remains a tranquil ocean-side refuge from the unrelenting heat of the desert.

Be forewarned – after a few days of crystal-clear diving, desert trekking,

ocean-side dinners and countless sheesha sessions, you’re probably going to want to cancel the rest of your itinerary. 

Join us and pepper yourself with a day of relaxation and enjoyment on a day trip to the beautiful Canyon and amazing Blue Hole from Dahab. Starting at 9.00am, 10.00am or 11.00am.

You will be driven by Jeep for 15 minutes to the Canyon and spending two hours snorkeling.

You will then be taken off-road for 15 minutes to the world famous Blue Hole where you will spend the rest of the day snorkeling or just take in the atmosphere over lunch.

The sheltered waters inside the blue hole are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, while the more adventurous can swim out to the reef wall to see the amazing marine life.

The restaurants here offer opportunities for refreshment and relaxation.

You can also venture up into the mountains for a fantastic view of the area, or along the shore to see the ancient fossilized reef exposed here.

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